Exploring Gratitude

To live with a sense of gratefulness is a way to a healthier and more fulfilled life. Wisdom traditions, positive psychology and neuroscience all point us in this direction . Some of the identified benefits include a stronger immune system

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Too Small for You?

For a good numbers of years now, we have been working with the well known poet and presenter David Whyte. David speaks to the human condition; to the core challenges individuals and organisations face today. With a unique and compelling

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Realising Your Year Ahead

You may have received some tips about New Year’s resolutions in your early January mailbox from somewhere or other.  Often our good intentions fade through the month.  Here are a few tips from us to help you stay engaged: Better

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In Defence of Accreditiation

In the last few years I have been through five accreditation processes. None them were my kind of fun. So what could have possibly possessed me? You see, I am not exactly a fan of spending hours trawling through past

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How do they get it so wrong?

Great customer service is easy. So how do so many businesses get customer service to be so bad? Don’t get me wrong, I know we all have off days. When a waitress looks like she has been slapped with a

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Your parents are to blame for everything

Allegedly Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits said – “give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man.” Certainly neuro-scientific evidence, as well my own experience, demonstrates that a lot of beliefs (both enabling

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Culture is set from the top

Fashionable as it still seems to be, to talk about ‘bottom up’ change, culture is never changed that way. The behaviours of the top team (what they say and even more importantly what they do) always dictate what ‘goes’ in

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We are used to speaking in metaphors

We are used to speaking in metaphors, all of us, and here at Beyond we run whole events that are based on the metaphoric – “Lessons for Leadership from Horse Whispering” and “Firewalking”. So imagine how I felt when I

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Welcome to our blog.  We are looking forward to sharing ideas and ponderings with you to inspire, challenge and sometimes amuse. There are many factors involved in Going Beyond – to stepping outside of the normal, as an individual, team,

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